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Mithraeum is a blockchain grand strategy game


Game test is going on right now

Mithraeum 3 Core aspects to gameplay

Drive economic strategy

Develop your settlement and focus on resource production. Don't forget the risks - certain conditions will require you to defend your thriving economy.

Step up military power

Force others to pay tribute to you. Intimidate, use the threat of military invasion or get their resources through sieges and battles.

Be the ruler

Alter the game and influence in-game dynamics. Organize players into communities, forge alliances, plot and betray. Friend or foe - it's your choice.

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eligible for claim

Blesses are used to establish settlements in Mithraeum game
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Patch 0.5
  • Each settlement will have its own army that can maneuver against other settlements and attack other armies

  • New building - barracks. Enables one to enlist new soldiers for their army

  • Battles. Each battle has two sides. Each side can have an unlimited number of armies fighting for it

Patch 0.6
  • ‘Siege’ regime will be added. Now any army can siege other settlements and pillage their resources

  • New building - fortification. This is a protective building that the settlement will use to fight off sieges

  • Each settlement and army will get NFT banners - a distinctive element used for personalization

Patch 0.7
  • Open alpha test on Rinkeby with updated balance and UX

  • Discord integration for better community network effect

  • Quests with rewards that would allow to receive bonuses at the game start on mainnet

Patch 0.8
  • Smart-policy store

  • First building blocks for smart-policy

  • Smart-policy no-code constructor v0.1

  • New quests

Patch 0.9
  • Balance discussion

  • Bronze Age test

  • New smart plugin - Swapr

  • Exchanger

  • Charts

Patch 0.10
  • Demo version of new balance

  • Banners v2

  • Governor system

  • New smart plugin

  • NFT implementation

Patch 0.11
  • 4th test

  • New battles

  • New types of troops

  • New smart policy parts

  • Barbarians/cultists 
wipe system

  • Map scaling optimization

Patch 0.12
  • 5th test

  • New balance introduction

  • Dashboard v2

  • Allies-enemies system

  • Map - 3D models

  • Purchase of settlements

Patch 0.13
  • New mechanics

  • Scaling optimization

  • API documentation

  • Mainnet launch, TBA

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