Mithraeum is a multiplayer strategy game based entirely on blockchain that enables users to build arbitrary diplomacy protocols through custom smart contracts written by users themselves.


What we like about Mithraeum

From the point of view of our

Bohdan product visionary

Global strategy game

Run your settlement in a global world of Mithraeum along with other players. Develop your settlement till it becomes an empire and rule the world.

Policy platform on blockchain

The potential of blockchain is not limited to finance. In Mithraeum with the help of smart contracts the players can conclude social agreements between each other with various degrees of complexity.

No-code policy constructor

We aim to lower the entry threshold for creation of such policies by forming a module system that doesn’t require advanced knowledge of blockchain development. Simply pick what you need and compose a pact.

Road map

April 2021
  • Each settlement will have its own army that can maneuver against other settlements and attack other armies

  • New building - barracks. Enables one to enlist new soldiers for their army

  • Battles. Each battle has two sides. Each side can have an unlimited number of armies fighting for it

June 2021
Sieges & Flags
  • ‘Siege’ regime will be added. Now any army can siege other settlements and pillage their resources

  • New building 'Fortification' that the settlement will use to fight off sieges

  • Each settlement and army will get NFT flags - a distinctive element used for personalization

July 2021
Alpha Release
  • Open alpha test on Testnet with updated balance and UX

  • Twitter integration for better community network effect

  • Quests with rewards that would allow to receive bonuses at the game start on mainnet

August 2021
Smart Policy
  • New quests and Smart-policy store

  • First building blocks for smart-policy

  • Smart-policy no-code constructor v0.1

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We’re hiring

Front-end devimage

At least 2 yearsFront-end dev

Angular or React Work experience with Ethereum blockchain Passionate about web3

Solidity devimage

At least 2 yearsSolidity dev

Understanding of DeFi DApps architecture Passionate about web3 L2 Experience is an advantage

Community Builderimage

At least 2 years, Web3Community Builder

Experience in creating community in Ethereum DeFi space. Professional network understanding of decentralized communities and DAOs

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Passion about our product is a mustJoin us anyway

If you’re passionate about our product, come share your ideas with us, suggest how you want to be included in our team and we can hire you